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 Van Houzen, Evangeline

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PostSubject: Van Houzen, Evangeline   Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:39 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Evangeline Francoise Van Houzen
Age/Grade: 16/Junior
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 99 pounds

Her signature and distinctive look is her pair of sapphire-blue eyes matched with a long flowing cherry-blossom pink coloured hair that drops down just below her waist. She has a slim and slender body, a fair complexion and more of a petite type.


Sexuality: Confused. She is mostly turned on by guys, but can also be turned on by other girls if they possess one of her fetishes. She can be seductive and flirtatious at times, especially when drunk. She is pretty experienced and expert in kissing, but is still ignorant of things past that.

Sharp eyes, dominating personality, people full of surprises, hard drinkers, looks matter most of course, bondage (^-^), sleek eyeglasses, good kissers

Likes: musical instruments, somewhere peace and quiet, books, rollerblades, gadgets
Dislikes: Bugs, darkness, heights, smokes/cigars.

Back story:
Being part of the Van Houzen family meant wealth, no matter which side you came from. Evangeline’s parents were vampire corporate conglomerates, her father ran the Van Houzen’s corporate division and as a business deal, her mother (originally from one of the competitor companies, and also a vampire) was married into the family. They didn’t have a choice, a forced, loveless marriage to merge the corporations and create one giant powerhouse. To keep up the standards, Evangeline was born, thus creating the “perfect” corporate family. The only dream her mother and father shared was Evangeline following in their footsteps. Little did they know how their lives would affect him.

With her father gone most of the time and being home schooled for most of her youth, Evangeline was left alone with the maids and her tutors, watching her mother nearly day in and day out. He had no friends, with the exception of her cousins whom she seldom saw due to the strict study routine he had to follow. There was no one to turn to and nowhere to run.

Almost through her sixth year of school and in need of some freedom from the house, Evangeline made a bold move and demanded to be allowed to attend a school. Both of her parents reluctantly agreed, but only if she attended Nexus Academy like the rest of her family. From that point on, Evangeline began to lead a life of pure freedom, doing everything she wanted to do without people dictating and comparing her to her perfectly groomed cousins. She became the black sheep of the family as she lived her life to the fullest without anyone to hold her back.
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PostSubject: Re: Van Houzen, Evangeline   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:49 pm


Welcome to Nexus Academy.
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Van Houzen, Evangeline
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